PRP is short for Platelet Rich Plasma, and is a popular skin rejuvenation treatment. While its popularity derives from it being virtually painless, and effective in triggering the natural process of collagen production, many still have questions about it.

We’re here to provide you with the answers to those questions and help you to see if PRP is the right option for you!

How much down time does PRP require?

The required downtime for an PRP treatment is very little.

In fact, the minimal downtime is one of the reasons that many patients love PRP so much! The process takes a total of 30 minutes followed by a recommended 24-48 hours of avoiding heat and washing. Some experience minor bruising and swelling.

Does PRP treatment hurt?

One of the best things about PRP treatment is that it produces facelift like results with little to no pain.

An advanced medical micro-needling gun is used to painlessly treat the skin and trigger collagen production. As the skin is injected with platelet-rich plasma it becomes rejuvenated.

Are there side effects to PRP?

The side effects from PRP only include slight swelling which goes away after a few days post-treatment. There is a small chance of your body rejecting the treatment as it includes your body’s own physiological factors. These factors are responsible for growth in treating aging problems.

How many PRP treatments should I receive?

Just three weeks after your appointment you will begin to notice an improvement in your skin tone. From there, three PRP treatments should be received approximately six weeks apart in order to achieve optimal results.

A yearly follow up treatment can also be great for maintaining results.

How does PRP treat hair loss?

PRP treatments can be helpful in treating hair loss as a mesogun is used to create microscopic holes in the scalp. This is then followed with PRP injections into the deep layers of the scalp.

New hair growth comes from the stimulation of the existing hair follicles, which helps to treat hair loss.

If PRP sounds like it might be the right treatment for you, you can contact us to book your appointment!