Your body is bound to experience a variety of changes during menopause. For many women, this includes significant changes to the look and feel of your skin. But how exactly does your skin change during menopause? And even more importantly, what can you do to keep your skin looking its best for years to come?

Your skin during menopause

Many women experience a loss of volume in areas of their face like their under eyes or their cheeks. This is due to a loss of elasticity in the skin and the fat loss that can lead to your skin looking less youthful. Additionally, your collagen production slows and your skin loses some of its ability to “bounce back.”

During menopause, many women also notice their skin begins to sag, not only on their face, but on other areas of their body like their neck, arms, and hands.

Most women also experience increased skin dryness along with more fine lines and wrinkles that are associated with lower levels of estrogen during menopause.

Now that you know some of the changes to your skin you might experience during menopause, let’s discuss what you can do to keep your skin healthy and looking youthful.

Hydrating cleanser

The same cleanser you’ve used since you were 20 might not be right for your skin during menopause. Most women find switching to a more hydrating cleanser during menopause is beneficial as it helps battle the moisture-loss many women experience.

At Pasqua South Medical Aesthetics, we recommend trying a product like the Venus Skin Renewal Cleanser. It contains surfactants that don’t overly degrease skin, and this helps maintain your skin’s moisture level. The added glycerin improves surface moisture naturally, while providing a deep clean that preserves the skin’s own natural hydro-lipid film.

A great moisturizer

In addition to switching to a more hydrating cleanser, be sure you’re using an effective moisturizer. Often, just applying moisturizer to the skin can improve its look and feel immediately!

Don’t forget SPF

You may think the majority of sun damage happened in your youth, but it’s still important to use an SPF whenever you’re outdoors. This can help prevent and slow the aging process of your skin and help you look years younger.

Consider facial fillers

Volume loss associated with menopause can lead to you looking years older than you really are. One great option for combating this effect is trying facial fillers. These literally fill in lines and other areas with volume loss to restore your look to your liking or give you volume where you’ve always wanted it. At Pasqua South Medical Aesthetics, we use precise amounts to ensure you get a natural-looking but effective result.

Give us a call today if you’d like to learn more about keeping your skin looking and feeling better than ever!