Facial laser treatments offer proven long-lasting results among men and women with a wide range of different skin types. They work to stimulate natural healing processes in the body, increase collagen production to assist the health of the skin, and help to provide strength.

With so many great benefits it’s no wonder so many people turn to facial laser treatments in bringing out their best skin. But what age is best to get started with laser treatments?

Laser skin treatments are incredibly customizable which means that they can be beneficial to anyone from their 20’s on. Here are some of the great results that patients see at different ages in life.

Laser in younger years

Laser treatments for those in their 20’s usually focuses on treatments like IPL or intense pulsed light therapy . These treatments can help to keep the tone and texture of your skin intact and help with hyperpigmentation issues.

Patients in their 30’s

Patients in their 30’s generally start to experience the loss of collagen production as cell turnover begins to slow down. Laser treatments are great for increasing collagen production, and can also help to correct sun damage.

Fine lines are likely to become smooth and your glow returns as skin is rejuvenated.

Getting facial laser treatments in your 40’s

Signs of aging increase in your 40’s as collagen production and skin elasticity continue to disintegrate. Fine lines, pores and sun damage also become more visible.

Certain lasers can be great for those in their 40’s as they help to renew lost supporting structures in the skin.

Laser in your 50’s

Menopause causes problems for women in their 50’s as pigmentation spots are more prone to forming. Wrinkles, discoloration and skin laxity are also common problems for this age group.

Fraxel lasers are great for those in their 50’s as they take a deeper approach to restoring radiance.

Laser in your 60’s and beyond

If you’re 60 or older lasers are likely to help you rejuvenate and tighten your skin. Lasers alone won’t necessarily be able to do away with every little problem at this age, but they can help to revitalize the quality of your skin.

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