Injectable fillers are all the rage right now, as it seems like almost everyone is looking to achieve ageless and beautiful skin – and rightfully so!

Not only can injectable fillers work wonders in helping to redefine areas of the face and correcting imperfections, they are also very convenient and highly effective.

So, what type of filler is going to best for you and the needs of your skin?

Bringing volume to the face

If you’re looking to restore volume to your face, then Sculptra is likely going to be the perfect injectable filler for you! It can increase collagen production which is lost in the skin over time, and can help to fill out hollow areas.

Restylane can also help to restore volume in the skin and retain moisture. This allows you to reduce wrinkles and achieve a younger appearance.

Combating wrinkles and sagging

Deep wrinkles and sagging can be frustrating to deal with as you age. Juvéderm is known to be the best injectable filler to combat these problems as it works to hydrate the underlying tissue.

You are likely to notice an improved skin tone and overall texture.

Do away with fine lines

You can achieve the smooth skin you’ve been looking for with hyaluronic acid fillers. While the type of filler needed will depend on the severity of the fine lines, two of the most common hyaluronic acid fillers are Belotero and Restylane.

Lip enhancement

Plumping up the lips can be done with a variety of different types of fillers. However, the most popular type of filler for lips is Juvéderm.

As a hyaluronic acid, it helps to enhance the lips with hydration and volume. Juvéderm is great for plumping the lips while still achieving a natural look.

For long-lasting enhancements

The injectable filler that is most likely to provide long-lasting results is Bellafill.

Bellafill is a dermal filler that works to provide strength to the dermal structure of the skin and lifts and smooths the skin over time.

Now that you know what type of filler might be best for you, it’s time to talk to the experts!

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