At Pasqua South Medical Aesthetics: When dealing with blood products, during aesthetic treatments, how do we ensure your safety?

As with all treatments in our office, your safety is our concern.

In your treatment room, the treatment provider will a brand new syringe as well as changing the micro- needling pen needle before performing the procedure . The Skin Pen Pen device, used at PSMA, is currently the only FDA approved device in the United States. This is a fully enclosed device, meaning that the the device has a protective sleeve when it’s used in the office. Also the dial, which we touch to change the penetration depth of the needle is disposable. Dr. Mitchell did her homework before choosing this device and didn’t spare any expense.

We follow universal safety precautions, such as hand washing, wearing gloves and properly disposing of waste/needles. In between each treatment, your treatment bed and work spaces are sanitized with special hospital grade cleaners used to kill viruses, bacteria and parasites.

When collecting your blood, we use special FDA/Health Canada approved for the collection of PRP and its re-injection back into your body.