Patients are turning to CoolSculpting to help get rid of stubborn areas of fat and contour the body. CoolSculpting is known to provide fantastic results, but it’s likely that you will want to know a little bit more about it before booking your consultation.

CoolSculpting Treatments

One of the common questions that patients want answered is: How many CoolSculpting treatments will I need? The answer to this is that the number of treatments will vary depending on your body, the amount of exercise you get, and your diet.

Generally speaking, patients receive 1-3 CoolSculpting treatments for each area that they are looking to treat. This number will vary depending on your desired results and if you are looking to treat more than one area.

One CoolSculpting Treatment

Some patients only require one CoolSculpting treatment. This is usually applicable to patients that are as close to their goal weight as possible.

CoolSculpting works to get rid of between 20-25% of fat cells in the treated area which can make a huge difference with just one treatment in those close to a healthy weight. When patients are not close to a healthier weight, they are likely to need more treatments as larger areas of fat are harder to target.

Patients of all body types are likely to see a visible difference after using CoolSculpting, they just may need more or less treatments in order to get desired results.

Multiple CoolSculpting Treatments

It is normal for CoolSculpting patients to get their ideal results with just two rounds of treatment. Slimming a larger area will require multiple treatments in order to achieve best results.

The CoolSculpting process is incredibly safe which means that there is no limit to how many treatments a patient can undergo.

Multiple treatments are usually given several months apart to allow time for the body to react and get rid of frozen fat cells naturally. Treatments to different areas of the body can also be given at one time.

Does CoolSculpting sound like the perfect treatment for you? Get in touch with us to learn more!