At Pasqua South Medical Aesthetics, one of the most common reasons our patients come to us is to get help with their skin issues. Often, our clients have tried on their own for years to battle skin issues like acne, blackheads, whiteheads, uneven texture, and scarring. But the truth is, if you’re not using the right products for your skin, it isn’t likely to improve on its own.

So, what are the best skincare products for battling common skin conditions?

Have you ever heard of medical-grade skincare? When it comes to products that will give you the best skin you’ve ever had, there’s really no better option.

Here are 4 reasons you should give medical-grade skincare a try!

  • These products contain ingredients that have been clinically proven to have a beneficial effect on the skin. Medical-grade skincare is also referred to as “cosmeceuticals” because of the mix of cosmetic and pharmaceutical benefits they provide. Medical-grade skincare must be sold under the supervision of a medical director, like the ones who operate dermatology offices and medical aesthetics clinics.
  • Medical-grade skincare penetrates the skin much more effectively than over-the-counter skincare. In fact, many non-medical-grade skincare products simply sit on the skin’s outer surface (AKA the stratum corneum) rather than working below these layers and providing better results.
  • Another reason you should try medical-grade skincare is that they contain higher concentrations of active ingredients. Some OTC skincare products might have medical ingredients like retinol, but when you purchase medical-grade skincare, they’ll have higher levels of powerful ingredients and you’ll actually need to use less product to get better results!
  • When you purchase medical-grade skincare from a medical aesthetics office, you’ll get expert help choosing the right product for you. If you’ve ever stood in a drugstore staring at rows of skincare and not knowing what to choose, you’ll know firsthand just how useful expert opinions could be for finding the right products!