It’s safe to say that pretty much everyone is after a sculpted body that shows off their figure these days. Luckily, body sculpting and contouring is now more popular than ever.


There are plenty of options available to help people get the body they always dreamed of.

While you’re considering your options for body sculpting, you can browse these 4 trends that are currently shaping the market for the future of body contouring.

Combination treatments

Trends are showing that the use of a combination of treatments can be powerful for achieving results. Some may use Coolsculpting for stubborn areas of fat, and then fine tune those results with skin tightening treatments.

Hot and cold treatments

Hot and cold, or fire and ice body sculpting use heating and cooling to eliminate fat cells. Coolsculpting works to first freeze the fat cells and remove them. A skin tightening solution then uses RF to heat the collagen below the skin. This helps it to regenerate and become significantly tighter.

Increased male interest

Trends are showing that males are becoming more and more interested in body sculpting. In fact, the number of males receiving these treatments has gone up 22.6% since 2015.

Non-surgical fat reduction procedures have skyrocketed and men now take up a large percentage of the population receiving them.

Increased overall popularity

An increase in the popularity of body sculpting treatments has gone up significantly across all ages. Millennials have started to see these procedures as the norm, which implies their desire for them will only increase with age.

The baby boomer population has also shown a lot of interest in these procedures as they are an age group known to take steps to fight against aging and weight gain.

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